Benefits Of Using An Exercise Bike

There are many benefits of using an exercise bike, this could be at home or in the gym.

Home Gym UK offers exercise bikes for hire so you can exercise in the comfort of your own home without the commitment of a big purchase.

Using an exercise bike is easy, there are no complex movements required, simply sit on the bike and pedal at your own comfort level. This makes exercise bikes a great option for many different people.

Benefits of Using an Exercise Bike

There are many benefits of using an exercise bike – we’ve selected 5 of the most important benefits to share with you.

  1. Improve Cardio Vascular Fitness – because you are moving your body and increasing your heart rate, cycling is a great way to improve your cardio vascular fitness. In other words – it helps to keep your heart healthy. According to the NHS, adults should aim to do 150 minutes per week of moderate intensity activity, or 75 mins of vigorous activity. Using an exercise bike and contribute towards this goal.
  2. Tone Muscles in the Lower body – cycling uses large muscle groups in the legs – quads, hamstrings and calf muscles. Upping the resistance will increase the intensity of the workout and tone the muscles. If you focus on maintaining your posture and keep your core engaged these muscles will be working hard too.
  3. Burn calories – you can burn calories most effectively when you increase your heart rate by exercising vigorously. When coupled with a healthy diet, using an exercise bike can contribute to weight loss or maintenance and a healthy life style.
  4. Low Impact  – When you’re using an exercise bike, the majority of your weigh is support on the seat. This means that, unlike running, the joints in your legs are not bearing the brunt of the exercise. Because cycling is so low impact it is often recommended as post-op rehabilitation for some patients.
  5. Easy to use – exercise bikes are an easy to use option for exercising at home. Our exercise bikes for hire or purchase have exercise programmes included, but there is nothing wrong with simply hopping on and pedalling. 

Exercise Bikes from HomeGym UK

Exercise bikes have a range of benefits. They’re suitable for people who want to improve fitness, tone up or recover from an operation.  

All of our exercise bike have a digital computer displays which show; speed, distance, time, calories and pulse.

We have exercise bikes which can be either purchased or hired. If you are starting out on your fitness journey we would always recommend hiring first. When you choose to hire an exercise bike from HomeGym UK you will receive a top quality exercise bike delivered to your door by one of our team.

The exercise bikes we have for hire can be seen here. If you would like some help and advice on selecting an exercise bike then please contact a member of our team.

If you’re ready to make a bigger commitment and purchase an exercise bike we also have exercise bikes for sale which can be seen here. For more information on these then please contact us. 

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