Indoor Exercise Equipment Hire

Attention all property developers and letting agents

Developers and Letting Agents, who specialise in high end properties, often dress their houses with furniture ready to sell or let. This gives new developments and vacant houses a lived in feel and helps potential buyers/tenants visualise the property as a home.

Furniture though, is not always the end of the story. Many such properties have gyms, pools, cinemas etc, and the gym is an area often forgotten. Nothing feels less lived-in or homely than a large empty room with a wooden floor and a mirrored wall.

HomeGym can supply exercise equipment to dress gyms in executive properties. We can offer lease or sale options with prices from just £12 per week. When the property is sold, developers and agents can opt to buy the leased equipment and resell it to the new owner, move it to another sale/let property or return it to HomeGym.

Please call our office with your requirements: 0800 043 2148

Gym Equipment List

We can source any gym equipment you require for the property.

Our standard list of gym equipment is:

  • Treadmills
  • Steppers
  • Cycles / Bikes
  • Rowers
  • Vibration Trainers
  • Crosstrainers
  • i-joy ride

We generally have all items in stock for immediate delivery.

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