Is it that time of year again already?

The need to get active and get fit has certainly been in the news this month especially if you are a 40 something like I am. We all know that we need to be active for at least 30 minutes a day for 5 days of the week. But how exactly do we fit this in with school runs, going to work, taking the children to their clubs and sorting out the broken down boiler ( yes it did break down on the coldest day of the year!) With difficulty. As a I am definitely not a gym enthusiast I would like to know what alternatives there are out there. My personal favourite is swimming as it is all round exercise. But I have also found out there are lots of activities available in my local area depending on what your interest and free time may be. By googling get active and your local area or county you will find a website detailing all the activities available near you depending upon your postcode. When googling get active bucks I found activities such as cricket, jazzercise, over 55’s walking. To make it even better Bucks County Council were offering vouchers to try out the activities for free. You can even search the website by distance or times and days.

I now have lots of ideas of activities I can try out when all the other jobs have been finished. Why don’t you have a look at what is going on in your local area too?

You could also get active at home by hiring gym equipment! That way you can definitely fit in those 30 mins a day exercise around your busy daily life.

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