Keeping active in the school holidays

So I am doing the Swimathon again this year and hoping to be fit enough swim 200 lengths. Yes that is 5km! My training was going fabulously right up until last week. I was keeping to a timetable I had worked out and was gradually increasing the number of lengths I was swimming. So what happened? Half term happened. The children were at home, the boiler broke again and I revising for an exam. All in all, it got a bit busy again and my swimming training went out the window. However, just because the kids were at home it didn’t mean that the keeping fit and healthy had to stop. It just meant that I had to change the type of exercise that I did. What did we do as a family that week? Well the dog got a lot of walks. We took our bikes out for a family bike ride in our local woods. We went walking round museums and went for a family swim. I may not have specifically done any swimming training during half term but I did make sure that we had lots of exercise. The dog was certainly happy to have a rest again this week, especially after we got lost in the woods for a while. I also managed to get on the cross trainer that we have at home. It got used more during half term as I could use it whilst keeping an eye on the children. It made a good alternative as I could use it during the time we had free.

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