Keeping fit and active for mental wellbeing

Being fit and active is essential for your mental health and well being.

Keeping fit, healthy and active is great for your physical health and fitness, and studies have shown that it can also improve your mental well being.

Whilst we may think that our body and mind are separate, but the activities we do with our body during exercise can have a very important and powerful effect on our mental health and well being.

Essentially, having a positive mental well being means feeling good about yourself and the environment you live in and has a positive effect in helping you live the life in a way that suits you.

Studies have proven that there is a link between a healthy lifestyle, being physically active and a good mental well being.

If running on the road late at night does not appeal to you, try to find physical  activities that you enjoy and appeal to you and how you can fit them into your daily lift and reap the benefits.

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