Keeping fit and Healthy for Summer

MOVE MORE -10,000 Steps Per Day
We have all heard the 10,000 steps a day is good for you. Studies have shown that because we are moving less, we are getting heavier, which makes perfect sense doesn’t it?
Our bodies are made to move and be actives, but thanks to the television, work desks, cars, etc we are now all sitting down and not moving.
Most people in the UK only take 4,500 steps per day, which is well below the recommended 10,000 as recommended by the British Heart Foundation and other well known organisations..
Studies have shown than by walking just 60 mins per day, we can keep fit, lose weight without changing any of our day to day activities. An hour of power walking or fast walking can use up about 400 calories.
So, what are you waiting for? Jump on a treadmill, walk outside, ride a bike and help improve your fitness – you have nothing to lose!
If you include a slight hill walk, or a treadmill with an incline, you can increase your calorie burning, as can walking on soft surface such as grass and sand which is great when on the golf course or at the beach!

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