Pill Free Pain Relief

Magnotherapy has been used for pain relief in hospitals across the world for many years. This technology has now been adapted as a range of ceramic “Central Reverse Polarity” magnetic bracelets.

Magnotherapy bracelets have been proven effective for Arthritis, Sciatica, Migraines, Esma, Period pains, and many more. Bioflow magnets are also available in a range of pet collars and have given dogs and cats relief from a similar range of ailments.

Homegym directors Alan and Tricia both use these bracelets for pain relief and can testify as to their effectiveness, he for Sciatica and she for Arthritis.

Homegym-hire supply the full range of Bioflow pain relieving bracelets and collars on a free three month trial. So you have nothing to loose but the pain.

For details and a catalogue please call 0800 0432148 and ask for Alan.

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