Gym Equipment For Hire

If you are looking for gym equipment for your home gym but don’t want to pay full price for brand new equipment then you could benefit from our hiring packages…

At Homegym UK we have a range of gym equipment for hire for all fitness standards.

Some of our most popular categories of gym equipment for hire are treadmills, cross trainers, bikes and rowers.

You can hire our gym equipment for a minimum of 8 weeks or for longer. Our best deal is on rentals 28 weeks and longer. You can hire online by visiting the page of the piece of equipment you are interested in or by giving us a call.

For most of our gym equipment, we can deliver within 1-3 working days of booking so you can get up and running right away.

We also have a special deal; if you hire 2 ore more pieces of equipment you can receive 10% off. Use code HIRE2 at checkout

Benefits of Hiring Gym Equipment

There are many benefits to hiring gym equipment rather than buying. It is a big investement and therefore a big decision to buy a piece of gym equipment.

With our gym equipment for hire you can try the equipment before making the investment. This means you will know; how much use you will get out of it, which room it will fit in, if the machine works for you and your fitness level.

Other benefits include;

  • No joining fees
  • No child care issues or fees
  • Less time travelling to the gym

Why Choose HomeGym UK?

At Homegym UK we are passionate about fitness and looking after your body. We offer excellent customer service when you choose to hire our gym equipment.

We charge fees 4 weekly, there are no hidden payments in our low cost personal hire packages. You can rent for time periods as short as 8 weeks.

Workout at Home

There are so many great reasons to workout in the comfort of your own home. Hiring a piece of our gym equipment has the following benefits for you;

  • Save money and time travelling to the gym
  • You can access the equipment 24/7 and aren’t restricted to gym opining times
  • Sometimes going to the gym can be daunting, working out in your home is more private making it more comfortable which and can make you perform better
  • More motivational – having your piece of gym equipment right there in your home makes exercising harder to avoid. So if you put off exercising then our gym equipment for hire might be a game changer for you.
Budget home treadmill
Budget Home Treadmill
Concept 2 Rowing Machine
Premium treadmill
Premium Home Treadmill
Budget home cross trainer
Budget Home Cross Trainer
Bremshey be5i exercise bike for hire
Budget Home Exercise Bike
Premium Home Cross Trainer
Premium Home Exercise Bike
Heavy intensive home cross trainer
Heavy Intensive Home Cross Trainer
Heavy intensive treadmill
Heavy Intensive Home Treadmill
Standard Home Race Bike
Bremshey BR5 Recumbent Cycle for hire
Budget Home Recumbent Bike
Premium home recumbent bike
Premium Home Recumbent Bike

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