Regular walking shown to linked to lower mortality rate

We all know that we are supposed to do at least 30 minutes exercise, 5 times each week. However time flies and before you know it Monday morning has come around again and all you have achieved is a quick sprint around the supermarket or taking your children to and from all their various sporting activities.
Well don’t worry, new research has found that any walking throughout the week (even if you don’t manage the magic 150 minutes of exercise) has been shown to lower the mortality rate of patients taking part in a study by the American Cancer Society.
As walking is simple, convenient and free and can be done by anyone of any age it has been described as the perfect exercise. As our population continues to age, walking is ideal for people as they age, for health and longevity.
However, if you don’t fancy walking in our Great British weather as the nights draw in why not consider hiring one of our treadmills, they are ideal for walking and can be done in the comfort of your own home. It might also work out more cost effective than going for a walk round you local supermarket or shopping center! Having said that I think I may ask for a pedometer for Christmas just to see how far I walk whilst doing the weekly shop.

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