Vibration training, six things you never knew…


Vibration Trainers

Vibration trainers are said to be responsible for the incredible figures of not only Madonna, but also stars such as Jessica Alba, Claudia Schiffer and Natalie Imbruglia. Our Vibration Trainer has been designed to produce therapeutic vibrations from the feet up through your entire body. The vibration platform causes very rapid muscle contractions that work your muscles continuously. These contractions not only build muscle and bone density, but improve flexibility, burn fat, increase metabolism, improve circulation, improve cellular oxygen and nutrient delivery which slows the degenerative/ageing process!

Six things you may not know about Vibration training…

1. Vibration exercise burns fat & cellulite

2. Vibration exercise tones & tightens skin

3. It can increase your strength dramatically in just a few short weeks.

4. It can increase your serotonin levels which improve your mood and energy levels.

5. It decreases joint pain and blood pressure.

6. And will increase your flexibility & balance.

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